Sunday, January 4, 2009

How to Survive in the Dating Game


More than anything else, ladies, it's crucial that we change our outlook. Fuck it, stop thinking positively. Kiss expectation good-bye. Peace out optimism.

Because we shouldn't be masochists.
And dating is indeed a process of elimination.
Dating isn't just about meeting "the one". It's a filtering process. Like the Brita Filter for romance. Think about it, how else are we gonna figure out who we want to be with and what we are really looking for, except through trial, error, and experience?

The things we find sexy when we are fifteen-say, their ability to match their hats with there throwback jersey-are not what we want when we are 18-pretty much any guy who owns a vehicle-which is not, in turn, what we want when we're 25(a guy as solid as his credit rating). And this maturation comes from dating all the lames, players, wanna be rappers/djs/promoters/any profession that attracts groupies.

Bad dates are inevitable, but they are crucial and often necessary education. I have been on a date with pretty much every type of dude, you name it. I dated the freak who collected snakes to the dude who got called in for police line-ups on a regular basis.

But with each guy, I learned something. I learned that by the time I meet "him", I will be smart enough to appreciate him and know that this was exactly what I wanted all along. Every jerk we go out with is one less idiot we risk spending our lives with.

I pity those ridiculous females who go all out for dates. Treating them as their own personal Academy Awards. Even if they can't afford it-going out and buying a whole new outfit for the occasion. They hope and pray that every date will be "it" and they will finally be chosen. Date just started and they already thinking about walking down the aisle and delivering the acceptance speech. But if it doesn't happen, they cut themselves off from the world feeling devastated and swearing off ALL men until the next lameass asks them out.

Better method-we should get dressed jamming to, "Another One Bites the Dust." that way, if the date doesnt turn out to be total hell, we'll be pleasantly suprised.


The real purpose of a date isn't to meet someone. It's actually just so we can have something to talk about at lunch with our homegirls about the previous day.

Since majority of our dates we go on will end in disappointment, we might as well just approach them as a source of endless entertainment for ourselves and our friends.

So what if that dude who claimed to be a record executive at some record label turned out to be street team. <-True Story

So what if he says he wants to take you to a "really nice spot" and to dress up, and he ends up taking you to Olive Garden.

So what if your date spent the whole evening crying over his ex girlfriend?

Fuck it. Nothing takes the sting out of a shitty date like detachment and humor.


Nothing else can make a female feel as empowered as talking shit about past experiences of humiliation and misery. Why else would we watch those ridiculous talk shows?

Especially when it comes to love. Sure, every once in a while we get hit with a story about the woman who gave up trying to meet someone and then met her One True Love at the Laundromat.

But when you just get home after a date with a lame-o who spent the entire time making racist jokes and touching his crotch, you really don't want to hear about the bitch who met her soulmate. We derive a lot more comfort from our friend who just went on date with "dude who needs to by gps asap", who got lost on the way to her house, showed up three hours late(without flowers), and then on top of all of that, had the audacity to hit her up for some gas money. SMH

We have all dated some perfect ten dude, hoping that this will finally be The One, only to come home disappointed or rejected. We find out that this person that we fantasized about is actually thirty-two and living in his parents basement. Or that his life's ambition is to become the next Lil Wayne when he cant rap for shit.

Someone who tells us that she went on one date and "just knew he was the one she would spend the rest of her life with" is a dumbass. Sure, it might have even happened to her, but how the hell does this help us, thank you?

Next time you have a shitty date-or suspect that you might- remember that you're going on it not just for yourself but for the good of all womankind. Your misery could be another females comfort.


Females are expected to act a certain way. Act like a lady and be this perfect creature on a date. And because of this foolishness, we put up with more bullshit than we should.

We say yes to a second date because we don't want to "be mean"-even if the guy is about as interesting as a plant.

We get into our date's BMW, even though nigga can't even walk straight and clearly had too much to drink, only because we dont wanna "offend him"

We lie about our needs and desires hoping we can become more likable.Oh yea, sure, I don't mind that you went ahead and ordered for me; really, I love raw oysters and horseradish. And yeah, I'm a huge Giants fan.

Theres a huge difference between manners and false advertising. If you bullshit him and tell him you are into football, chances are you will end up sitting through a whole fucking season with somebody who painted his chest red and blue with grease paint.

So next time we aren't interested in a guy even if we dont want to be mean, instead of letting him become a stalker and keep calling us every hour on the hour until we file a restraining order, we should just be honest. Maybe not brutally honest but lets be clear. Like "Listen buddy, I took down seven shots of patron, and I'm still not even remotely attracted to you, I am gonna have to get my stomach pumped just to get a hint of attraction, this just isn't going to work. " LoL. Okay maybe not that, but we should just tell them instead of wasting their time.

I remember meeting a man at this lounge a few years back and we hit it off. We were talking, dancing, smooching sans the liquor. Okay, maybe like two drinks but far from being inebriated. We were amazing together. By the end of the night, we exchanged numbers but I was dealing with finals for the following two weeks so I didn't call him until finals were over. When I called him,he sounded a lot less enthused than I was. He told me since he met me, his ex girlfriend came back in the picture. He wasn't sure what was going to happen with them but he didnt want to string me along because it wouldn't be fair to me. And that he likes me and wouldn't want to disrespect me.

At first, it hurt a little when he said it. But then I realized how much of a relief it was knowing where I stood. Shit, Who the hell knows if there was even an ex-girlfriend? But he said it clearly and respectfully.

Since then, I have tried to treat dudes I deal with in the same way. It's not easy, but definitely a lot easier than having to file a restraining order.


Usually if a guys blowing us off, the course of action is to accept it and move the fuck on. If a guy says he's going to call you and two weeks go by, write that nigga off. Don't call him. Don't even bother giving him the satisfaxcction of hearing your neediness, desire and disappointment. Leave that for the birds and feens. Just walk away.

Whats meant to be will be, regardless. Besides, if this dude doesn't work out, it just brings us one step closer to our soulmate. Another One Bites The Dust.


  1. haha..this is so true!! I must say you hit every spectrum....and at the end of the day ladies need to remember...Life is a the game don't let the game play you!! keep writing your wisdom..

    peace & love

  2. Funny but very true…I can definitely relate to some of your scenarios. I’m waiting for your book to come out lol.

  3. Hi I enjoyed reading this blog... Shall I call you boss bitch? lol anyways I agree with the whole honesty rule to a point. I say that because I am a real blunt person and I know for sure that there are not many women nor men that can handle the truth. Some take what you tell them to the next level of analyzation and fail realize the true message and in term make things worse.Sometimes it's best to lie and sugar coat things almost 50% of the time because yes the truth does hurt. In terms of women that like certain 'things' about guys lemme clear this up cause you could possibly be on the other end of a lie right now. So foget about if you find out he's been driving his uncle's Benz this whole time lol or is housesitting for his friend while he's away. At least that guy is putting in the effort to impress you 'ladies' or even make your smaller requirements. Even if it's not 100% true it's a step put of this harsh reality. Bliss can bring happiness.... It's when you start to get all caught up and paranoid because of your fear to lose that person (guys too lol).

    Just don't fuck it up ! Meaning don't start going thru cells, digging in emails and txt msgs, cracking passwords and harassing your myspace/facebook boos lmao

    Comeone we all know someone that has been on both ends of the spectrum frankly it is funny yet disturbing.