Friday, April 10, 2009

Nice Guys Always Finish Last. And They Also Spend More Money.

About a week ago, I met up with my friend Sean to catch up over a nice dinner. Sometime into the night, he starts telling me about this shorty he had been seeing for a few weeks who he was really feeling. After meeting her through a mutual friend, he asked her out so he could get to know her better. Before they even started getting intimate with each other, she tells him just about the last thing any guy wants to hear-"I think your a really nice guy, but I only think of you as a friend". Poor kid couldn't figure out what he did wrong. His frustration was brimming over, and he kept looking at me for answers. I felt really bad but at the time, I didn't know what the hell to tell him. I was at a loss for words. Normally I would say something along the lines of, "Stop being such a fuckin chump!" or "Bitchass Nigga" but this was just not the appropriate time for any of that. He seemed upset and frustrated.

Over the next few days, I started pondering my friend’s quandary. And I came to realize, It's true, nice guys really do finish last. But they also end up spending more money. Some women are nothing more than well dressed pick pockets. Take Sean for example. This chick met Sean and claimed to be interested in him- she would hold his hand, kiss him and even let him spend the night at her place. She insisted they go on several dates to get better acquainted, at his expense of course. Since Sean was intrigued by her, he obliged. For the next two months, he took her out to dinner, bought her clothes, and helped her move a whole damn apartment of heavy furniture across town. He thought she had wifey potential so he didn’t mind taking is slow. But nope, what'd he get for his trouble? A well fed, well dressed, unappreciative BITCH living in a well furnished apartment. When he expressed that they should take the relationship to the next level, she dropped the bomb on him" I just want to be friends". But guess who has to suffer the consequences-the innocent woman who had nothing to do with his bad experiences. In his mind, everyone with a pussy must pay. All this does is create a sadistic cycle of manipulation and embarrassment. The revengeful man takes advantage of the next woman, and then she in turn finds a man to get even with. Where the fuck does this end though? After endless experiences like these that emasculate the nice guys, continuous assaults not only at his manhood but his wallet too, these near perfect potential boyfriend material type men, have no choice but to go the asshole route. All they are thinking is: Fuck putting any woman on a pedestal, fuck gallantry, and courting! Time to grow some fucking balls and take a stand for myself (and my wallet, we are in a recession you know).

So, Ladies, please remember that next time you do a guy dirty like that. There will be repercussions. Karma is a bitch.


  1. Yeah,your friends chic is on some poor bullshit.

  2. Well being a good guy myself, I've been around this block, but not on all cylinders. I'm what I call myself, "The Brother instead of the Lover." Once a woman can feel that I can be that male friend that she needs, that she can talk to about other men, have movie nights with and not have to worry about me making a move; she makes the choice of whether pursuing me outweighs having the big brother she never had. My shoulders are soggy, but I've never went broke impressing a woman. My genitalia is quite threatening to most, and yes, I prefer to wear the grey and blacks. I added more color to my game over the past year. Two Face said it best in "The Dark Knight": You either Die a Hero, or Live Long Enough to Become the Villian. This is the life of the good guy.