Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unknown Musicians Over 30.

So this is actually something I posted on my old blog, but after seeing the same fuckery once again last night, I felt like I needed to repost this.

So I went to a showcase last night. A friend made me accompany her. And what stood out to me was this old ass dude thinking he can sing. Here is what I wanted to tell him:

Stop wasting your time, stop wasting your significant other's time, stop wasting your money on stupid gear, and stop thinking that you can compete with hot 18-24 year olds that are better than you. Your music doesn't have "character" - it's just outdated. outdated themes, chord progression, and guitar tones.

Nobody wants to see or hear you sing. The lighting makes you look older. The whole "thugged out" look isnt working for you. Especially since you are an R&B singer(or think you are). We all know why your myspace photos are over-exposed.

If you're over 30 and unknown, it is never going to happen. You are never going to make it. There's a reason american idol has an age cutoff. We want talent that's young, not talent that's old. Yeah yeah I know, america's got talent has no limit but it's a fuckin freak show.

Everyone knows you're balding. you can't hide it with the shaggy comb-forward look. The fitted does not make you look younger. The rogaine isn't working. You look like an idiot in those baggy jeans. Big ass rope chains are for kids. You don't look like a rockstar in those $5 sunglasses.

Sell your gear, quit your job at sam-ash, and beg a company to take you into an entry level position... wake up, we are in a recession. You are too old to have kid-dreams. The ship has sailed boo and you're not on it.

Have I made myself clear?


  1. True. Game given to the lames. chuuuch.

  2. u know I love this one, right? lol from now on I shall forward this post to all those asking me to help them with their careers that fit the aforementioned! lol

  3. i'm 45 balding and fat will i become famous

  4. I'm guessing someone doesn't have anything truly meaningful in their life.

  5. Age has no limits to being able to make good music and for it to sell. Music is life and life is ever changing as long as your on that level of thinking and have a real ear for what's hot and original than your creating relavent music. I don't know of the artist your talking about but whoever takes the time to read this don't let anyone take away your dreams by words. We all have the ability to create what we want to be we just got to truely believe it than put in the work. Surrounding your self with upfull honest people is the key to success also since they will tell you what you need to improve. That is why there are a ton of artist that really are not that special in the level of singing or have that so called look you speak of that are doing well. It's really because of the energy they carry with them it attracts people to what they are doing and carries a force that people feel compelled to gravitate towards.