Monday, February 23, 2009

Break Up Sex-Save The Best For Last?

It happens all the time. You get into an argument with your significant other, and right before you sever ties, liberating yourself from it all, you decide to get in that one last fuck. And in return you end up getting the greatest breakup consolation prize: THE BEST SEX EVER. Not the ordinary relationship sex, I'm talking "grabbing the sheets, sweaty and gasping for air when your done" sex. Save the best for last huh? Maybe. But with the best sex ever also comes the pain of loss and completely unavoidable self flagellation. For some people, it does more harm than good.

You should not attempt to have breakup sex if it's evident the other person is still madly in love with you. This means they definitely want to fuck if that’s all they can get. Trust me, after the breakup sex, they will be even more clingy and psychotic than they were before. You should also refrain from having sex if you're leaving your significant other to be with someone else that you've already started to fuck around with. That's just fucking greedy. And definitely no goodbye sex if you are breaking up with the person because they haven't successfully given you an orgasm in months. Breakup sex is not an orgasm revisited. Only have sex if you're breaking up in person, and the hormones and emotions are intense but not to the psychotic/possible future stalker point. Break-up sex is angry, and that's what makes it so hot. Get as much of that pent up anger out - the lies, the betrayal, the embarrassment, and can't forget about the sickened stomach churning feeling you get when you look at his filthy cheating ass face now - all of those things can be used channeled constructively into having some sweaty ROUGH sex. No kissing allowed. Especially if you never tried it while you were together, it will add a nice little kinky touch to the departure. It makes angry sex twice as angry and more detached, and that's exactly what it needs to be.

You really don’t need to stay and cuddle. There is also no need to sit there and contemplate about whether you should kiss him goodbye or when the best time for you to leave is. After you get your last orgasm, get your ass up, put on your damn clothes and bounce.

And please, whatever you do, please don’t act like a dumb bitch in the heat of passion and knee-clenching orgasms, that you forget about how he played your ass. Or that even though prior to the breakup sex, he clearly stated that they did not want to be with you, you think that the relationship is back on.
Letting go of someone who was once a constant in your life is never easy, but the break up sex is simply a parting gift, nothing more.


  1. welcome back!

    "please don’t act like a dumb bitch in the heat of passion and knee-clenching orgasms, that you forget about how he played your ass."

    lol! i think everyone has had atleast one sucker moment. no? i know i have. but yeah, you live and you learn.

    great post.

  2. I haven't had a sucker moment with sex. Not yet atleast. I will soon though. I just know it.

  3. lol, in other words as in so many other situations, stop thinking with ya crouch and use some common sense. If ya will power in the midst of ending a relationship isn't able to say "no" then we're setting ya self up for more b.s.

    You start applying rules to sex and it loses it's spark and authenticity. And lets be real, if "break up sex" is how you end things, I'll put money on that leading into having the "ex" that u still get it on with on the side after a few months when u find out he's I try to stay away from breakup and make up sex to keep my head clear.

    But for many guys, sex is sex and in the midst of all those rules all he is thinking is "Yes 1 more nut before I drop this chic."

  4. I say leave his sorry ass alone and move on to bigger and better dick! It’s out there, you just gotta find it. When you do, he will make you sweat, make your toes curl and all that good stuff, and you actually like (or love) him.

  5. Never had breakup sex, but makeup sex is the best for me!!! Makes you want to fight all over again *smile*.